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Head Office
13 Fleming Street,
Onehunga, Auckland
P.O. Box 13 426
Onehunga, Auckland
New Zealand

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 we have taken steps to limit our interaction with customers.

We will still be open, but ask if you could use couriers, phones and online transactions where you able.

Current Job Queue Length : 5-7 Working Days.

This maybe longer depending on the jobs complexity and part requirements.

Robinson Instruments are New Zealand’s leading, Automotive and Marine Instrument sales and service provider.

The business has, over 25 years, established an enviable reputation for providing a broad range of instrument-related products and services to all facets of the transport industry including road, rail and sea. Core services include the repair and restoration of existing instruments and electronics, sale of new instruments, parts and accessories, and their installation.

As an appointed Sales and Service agent for VDO products, you can be confident that, if we can’t fix it, then probably no one else can. Our service department is well equipped to undertake a comprehensive range of instrument related service work and repairs. With the addition of our new vehicle workshop Robinsons can now accommodated most vehicles including large trucks and buses. This has greatly enhanced our ability to locate and repair vehicle based instrument faults. Now, better than ever, we can repair, install, and calibrate most vehicle instruments, including fuel, temperature and pressure gauges, speedometers, odometers and tachometers. We also specialise in reconditioning and resorting classic and vintage vehicle instruments. In some instances we can fit new internals into unserviceable instruments such as quartz movements into old clocks.

Our People

Today’s vehicles are becoming more and more sophisticated and technologically advanced, so too is the level of knowledge and expertise required by today’s instrument specialist.

Our instrument technicians have a broad range of specialist skills, developed and fine tuned over 50 years of combined work experience, including the electronics, mechanical and computer skills required to service and install the wide variety of instruments on today’s market. Because of our high level of flexibility we are ideally positioned to tackle special projects that require thinking outside of the box.

Our Facilities

Our facilities include a modern technicians workshop and vehicle bay where we combine the tried and true with the latest in computer based technology. Reprogramming electronic odometers, installation of cruise control units, speed alerts and road speed limiters, distance measurement devices and rally computers, odometer inspections, fleet management systems and engine management systems are all part of the day’s work.

By providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ we minimise the time that vehicles are off the road. Our workshop has all the necessary facilities to handle most vehicles including trucks and buses, together with an extensive range of examination and testing equipment.

Our principal fields of activity cover Marine, On-Highway, Off-Highway, Stationery Vehicles and Special Vehicles.

New Zealand's leading Automotive/Marine Instrument Sales and Service