Interface with the machine.

We have a wide range of automotive and marine instrumentation for sale, along with suitable senders to complement the gauges.

KUS Marine Range

Smiths Range

Speedometer Calibration Box

If you have changed gearbox, differential, or just swapped out your tyres, you may have noticed that your speedometer is incorrect.

Whether you system is driven by mechanical cable, or electronic pulse signal, we can supply you with a calibration box to correct for the speedometer offset.

Simply fill out our form so we can build a box to suit your vehicle, and the offset.

Calibration Box Form

Dial Alteration and Gauge Adjustment

We can have new dials made and fitted as well as make adjustment to the gauges sweep and offset.

In this example we have a stock KUS gauge which we have fitted a Harley Davidson speedometer dial on, and calibrated to suit.
[Note: The gauge being replaced was 100mm this is 80mm, the original also went to 220 kph.]

Repairs and Services

We offer a wide range of services from stylistic dial changes, to servicing, overhauling, repairing ,or concourse restoration.

Gauges and Matching Senders

We have a wide range of gauges, and sender units to match. If you have an odd-ball gauge you are in love with we can bring it in and pair it with one of the many senders that we have in stock.

    What we do:


    A wide and varied range of gauges and sender units.
    Classic ranges such as Smiths and ISPRO.
    More contemporary gauge ranges such as KUS, VDO, and Wema.
    We also have a selection of bezels that we can swap out, so your gauge set matches your interior decor.


    Gauge testing and repair. Over the years we have seen it all, while some items are beyond repair, you will be surprised at what can be repaired.


    If you want all the benefits of a new modern gauge system, but the vintage appearance. We have the solution, our expert staff can install the new internals behind your classic dial, in the original case.

    No need to choose, get the best of both worlds.


    Dials, pointers, cases, and illumination. We can restore your well worn, sun faded gauges.

    Our specialists will give your instruments the time, care, love, and attention that they need. Whether they just need a clean and tidy, or your are wanting a concourse finish, we can give them the servicing needed.